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Ethical & Socially Responsible Investing

As members of the Ethical Investment and UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, we can help you to invest responsibly without sacrificing the best financial returns.

It may be that you’re concerned about the world we live in and make an effort to care for our environment. Or that you want to ensure that your investments won’t support, for instance, tobacco or armaments companies.

Many investment experts believe that companies who manage their businesses responsibly will have the best chance of long-term growth and better share price performance in the future. And with a growing choice of ethical investment funds and changing corporate attitudes, there’s little need to compromise principles for investment performance.

The amount invested in ethical funds is growing rapidly, increasing substantially in the last decade. There are now well over 100 ethical pension and investment funds available in the UK and their popularity looks set to continue to grow.

The Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) defines an ethical fund as ‘any fund which decides that shares are acceptable, or not, according to positive or negative ethical criteria (including environmental criteria)’.

There are three main types of ethical fund. Those with positive screening will aim to invest in companies with a commitment to responsible business practices, or who offer products and services that have a positive impact on the environment.

Negative screening means avoiding companies that do not meet the fund’s ethical standards. For example, not investing in tobacco or defence companies.

Other funds look for companies that specialise in renewable energy and other technologies that can help to build a better future for our environment; or support charities and other socially responsible institutions.

Our recommended portfolios are tailored to the level of risk that we agree is right for your circumstances. But it is important to remember that when investing ethically the same risks and principles apply; diversification (and good advice) can be the keys to reducing risk.

“Two thirds of investors never offered ethical funds”

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Philip has provided professional advice appropriate to our needs by taking the time to find out what our requirements are. He is reliable and delivers what is promised.
Lindsey Braune

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