Have you made an up-to-date will?

We can advise you on how to really look after your loved ones in the future

Wills & Estate Planning

We will always ask you whether you have made a will, and when it was last reviewed or updated. It’s something that many of us prefer not to think about, but that can, if things go wrong, profoundly affect those you leave behind and their future financial welfare.

If you have a family, does your will appoint guardians for your children? If you run your own business, does it specify what should happen to the business when you die? And are there other legal arrangements and trusts in place to make sure this will happen?

We work with trusted solicitors to ensure this vital part of your financial planning meets your needs.

Inheritance Tax

Passing as much as possible to our loved ones, or at least, to our chosen beneficiaries, and not to the taxman, is something most of us want to achieve. Planning to do this, however, becomes more difficult as you get older and the problem comes into focus.

There are many solutions, including making gifts, choosing the right investments and using trusts and life assurance, which can help reduce the potential impact of Inheritance Tax. And pensions can now be an important part of your family’s inheritance.

They all require proper advice and early planning. ‘Wealth Preservation’ can be as important as ‘Wealth Generation’ to many of our clients.

That’s why we’ll always point out if Inheritance Tax is likely to affect your estate, and ask you if you feel it’s a concern.

“Homeowners told to start later-life planning at 40”

What our clients have to say

Philip has provided professional advice appropriate to our needs by taking the time to find out what our requirements are. He is reliable and delivers what is promised.
Lindsey Braune

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