“A dangerous and unethical experiment”

Jul 26, 2021 | Health, In the news

Anyone in the food or restaurant business will tell you what a pain health and safety rules can be. So let’s rely instead on a bit of common sense. Just because something’s been kicking around in the fridge for a while or has passed its use by, doesn’t always mean it’s off, does it? All that scrubbing down isn’t necessary every day, surely? If you’re served something which looks or smells dodgy, take some personal responsibility and don’t eat it! OK, some people may end up in hospital or even die. But the economy will thrive and survivors will end up with stronger stomachs, better able to cope with travel to far off places. Worth a punt, Boris?

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“The working-from-home illusion fades”

“The working-from-home illusion fades”

Are workers working from home more or less productive than those catching the 7.02am to London Bridge every day? ‘Probably sitting at home in their bleedin’ jim-jams’, said someone recently of a less-than-helpful call centre employee, the assumption being that, were they surrounded by colleagues and with a manager cracking the whip, he or she would have sorted his energy bill more efficiently.

“Apple versus the world”

Apple has just launched its first actual new product in quite a while, a virtual reality gizmo, and that is quite big news. What they do put out there is usually a big seller and makes still more big bucks.