“Adviser slams sustainability as ‘overdone and ludicrous'”

May 28, 2024 | Ethical investing, Investments

There are many reasons/excuses for not saving the planet. ‘Why bother recycling, it all gets shipped to China and dumped in the sea anyway?’ ‘How does an electric car help, African children go down mines for the stuff the batteries need and they use just as much steel?’ ‘Giving up meat will put all of the farmes out of business, won’t it? If we have hotter summers, we won’t have to fly to Spain, that’ll save the planet, won’t it?’ And, from a financial adviser, apparently ‘Clients don’t give a monkey’s about sustainability and ESG’ (environmental/social/governance vetted investments). Well, not in our experience and that of many others. If you actually bother to ask, a majority will actually want their money to do good things, or at least avoid doing harm. And shouldn’t we always apply the ‘just one life’ principle? Otherwise nothing will ever change; or would ever have changed.

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“LSEG report: Most active funds are underperforming their benchmarks”

“LSEG report: Most active funds are underperforming their benchmarks”

So-called ‘tracker’ or ‘passive’ funds have become very much more sophisticated in recent years, largely facilitated by technology. The originals, you may remember the Virgin UK Index Tracker, launched nearly 30 years ago, mimicked the FTSE index and, as they don’t need anyone to manage them, were and are very much cheaper than ‘active’ funds.