“Advisers fearful of further compliance and regulation”

Mar 6, 2024 | Financial Services

We know, of course we know, that regulation is, or at least should be a ‘good thing’. If those who need or should seek advice can be confident that they’ll be told the right thing, that someone has looked at those ’too good to be true’ investments before they’re allowed to take your money; or, in the case of a Woodford, while they’re raking it in to make sure it’s going where it’s supposed to. Our frustration is that the bad stuff seems to keep happening, while the majority of good guys have to tick still more endless boxes and produce still more reports that no-one will ever read nor understand to satisfy still more regulatory ‘initiatives’. The FCA recently sent out a survey, asking how we think they’re doing. Anonymity was assured, yet many I’ve spoken to would not reply, of if they did, not actually tell them what they thought. Just in case. Heads above the parapet and all that. We did. So we’ll see.

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“Is the AI hype machine losing steam?”

“Is the AI hype machine losing steam?”

Many of the reviving rises in stock markets, particular in the US in the last year or so have been driven by AI. Not those buy-and-sell computerised algorithms we’ve heard so much about for years now; but the share prices of the big tech companies ‘at the heart of the AI revolution’.