“Big public spending cuts loom as ‘£40bn of savings needed’”

Oct 17, 2022 | Economy, Inflation

I heard one of this week’s batch of ministers talk of the ‘efficiency savings’ that can apparently be made ‘across the public sector’. Do they really think that they’re the first to have gone down that route? Every single pip that could be squeezed has been, anything that could be subbed out to the made-efficient-by-market-forces (ie they can get away with lower salaries) private sector, has been. Every single white line on our roads that could be left unpainted, has been. So what next? How can I make my food shopping more efficient? Easy, I won’t eat. How can I cut the cost of my journey to work? I know, I’ll stop working. How do we free up more hospital beds? Well, you can work that one out for yourself. Small government? Give me the Nanny State any time.

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