“Blend of digital, hybrid and traditional advice key to lowering costs”

Jun 1, 2023 | Digital

I learned this week that 80% of financial advisers charge more than us. To put it another way, less than 20% of us are charging our clients 0.5% or less of the value of their investments as an annual fee. I would say this wouldn’t I, but I do think we’re better than an awful lot of the more expensive firms, So one plan might be, in the face of increasing salaries, regulatory and professional indemnity fees and other costs, to up our charges. The other is to accept (and encourage our clients to accept) that we can’t go and see them in person every year and can still look after them and their best interests in other ways and with the help of a much brighter, younger generation. So while others are giving up and selling out, we’re (to quote The Three Degrees, kids etc.), giving up giving in. And will be carrying on, as you’ll hear, in a slightly different, hybrid way. 

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“The tech winners and losers of the pandemic”

“The tech winners and losers of the pandemic”

Although ethical/sustainable funds eschew fossil fuels, arms and fags, they are more often than not ‘tech heavy’, investing in the Industries of the Future. Most dropped Meta/Facebook when the degree to which they may or may not have been stalking us all became apparent.