“Carillion pensioners could lose extra retirement payments”

Jan 16, 2018 | Pensions

The other aspect of the Carillion debacle is that all the various pensions it’s taken over and not funded, to the tune of £675m, will move into the Pension Protection Fund. This includes old schemes from the likes of Tarmac, McAlpine, John Laing and Mowlem, to name a few of which you may have heard.

One of my clients, whom I told to leave his funds put in a final salary scheme which went into the Protection Fund a few months later, has, after eight years, just received a backdated payment. Fortunately he’s still alive to enjoy it and I wish I’d recommended he transfer it, instead of doing the ‘right’ thing. But maybe hindsight’s the greatest gift of all.

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“NatWest buys 85% stake in pensions fintech Cushon”

“NatWest buys 85% stake in pensions fintech Cushon”

OK, this might not sound like a big deal, but it is, I think, the thin end of yet another wedge. Not so many years ago, when the banking dinosaurs ruled the earth, they bought life insurance companies, fund managers and even estate agents…