Very different political futures

Feb 20, 2018 | Politics

Veterans of the ‘80s may remember a couple of TV series predicting very different political futures. In ‘A Very British Coup’, a radical left-wing government, with nationalisation and nuclear disarmament on its agenda, wins a landslide victory. ‘House of Cards’ (the Brit original) is the story of a slimy, manipulative Tory politician who rises above weaker colleagues to become PM. Both ideas so very far fetched, what were they thinking?

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“Further delays to social care overhaul predicted”

“Further delays to social care overhaul predicted”

For over 20 years now, every government of every persuasion has dodged the issue of care for the elderly. At best, they’ve started yet another review and found that lots more money and higher taxes are the only answers, so left if for someone else to sort out. I doubt...