“Elon Musk joins call for pause in creation of giant AI ‘digital minds’”

Mar 30, 2023 | In the news

When I was growing up, men landed on the moon and within years we would supposedly be colonising space. Concord arrived, you could get to New York in 3 hours and the next step would be a zoom into orbit to arrive in NZ a couple, rather an interminable 28 hours later. And here we are fifty years later and not a lot has happened. Even Teflon has been discredited. Why? Money, of course, which is what really makes the world go round. Big, slow planes make much more than skinny, fast ones and going to space turned out to be little more than a vanity project (now for a few billionaires). My prediction: most of the sinister AI stuff won’t generate any $s and will wither on the vine. And if it does replace 300m jobs, as we hear it might, who will buy the stuff it makes? So, don’t worry. Be happy. Actual, not artificial intelligence, will win in the end.

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“Public sector borrowing hits highest level since 1960s”

“Public sector borrowing hits highest level since 1960s”

So what does this say for the 10 years of Pre-Pan, Pre-Boris austerity? Has it done any more than cut public services to the bone, with overstretched, privatised probation services losing track of murderers and 6 hour ambulance waits (87 year old client in December, before the strike, broken arm, not unusual)