“European PE investor buys Ascot Lloyd”

Apr 22, 2022 | Companies

Some more venture-capital-buys-advice-firm action. The firm in question, Ascot Lloyd, has been a retirement home (ie they’ve bought their businesses) for many smaller advisers in recent years, and is now a national mini-giant. They are, of course, going to ‘keep people at the heart of our success, further invest in technology to support organic growth’  and other corporate blah blah. The coming trend is a sale to a proper giant, whose priorities may well be very different. My thoughts? Keep on growing, guys, you’re actually leaving behind lots of clients who prefer small, local and personal. And that’s our niche and that of many like us.

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“Nutmeg losses climb 28% after JPMorgan takeover”

“Nutmeg losses climb 28% after JPMorgan takeover”

If you’re offering cheap, online investment advice, you need volume to make it profitable. To get volume (ie lots of money), you need marketing (to get lots of people to log in and give you money). And that costs, particularly, as will inevitably be the case, most of...