“‘For richer or poorer? Advising cohabiting couples”

Jun 9, 2022 | Tax

The reasons cohabitors give for not marrying is the cost of weddings and divorces, especially second-time-arounders who’ve been scarred by the latter.  If, to quote Fleetwood Mac ‘shacking up is all you want to do’, be aware that if you there are legal and financial implications to going your own way (Rumours, 1977). Inheritance tax is payable if one inherits from the other; you’re not legally next of kin so need to ensure wills and powers of attorney are buttoned up; pension schemes won’t pay spouses on death if there’s no official spouse; and it rarely helps to keep your finances to yourself and not discuss them. If you’re worried about expensive weddings, just go to a register office and have a party (or holiday) afterwards. I’d say.

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“How grandparents are facing more restrictions than oligarchs”

“How grandparents are facing more restrictions than oligarchs”

I did say some years ago that it’s easier in this country to buy a football club than to pay £1,000 into an ISA. You need a bob or two more (depending on the team you’re after) but the point is that money talks and can oil and grease all sorts of wheels.