“Hybrid Advice: Do The Numbers Stack Up?”

Apr 17, 2023 | Digital

Hybrid advice has become a buzzword in our business, and the problem is it means different things to different people. To many big companies, it’s a combination of a website and a ‘press option 3 for oblivion’ ‘phone service; which, surprise, surprise, isn’t working for most. For others (probably us), it’s a bit of efficient Zooming combined with less efficient but more effective time on your sofa. Hybrid working is a rather different concept. Many tell me that they’ve now become TWATs, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday in the office, the rest home-working. For me, a hybrid day works best. Days, when I see at least one or two actual clients in actual homes, leave me feeling great (especially if they’re pleased to see me). All day in front of a screen leaves me dazed and confused. And I know how lucky we are to have the choice. You can’t run a hospital ward, drive a train or, as we learned a couple of years ago, teach kids, from home and so for many, it’s a fruitless debate.

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“Behind the Headlines: The relentless rise of hybrid advice”

“Behind the Headlines: The relentless rise of hybrid advice”

To us, hybrid advice means seeing people online as well as in person from time to time; quite a few actually prefer it that way! To the big companies moving in to this trendy, catchphrasey area, it’s going to be a more structured, moneysaving affair; albeit disguised as a way to bring financial advice to the masses.