“John Lewis looks to tap into DIY investing boom with Nutmeg partnership”

Aug 31, 2021 | Stockmarket

M&S sold ISAs and pensions for while in the ‘90s. Richard Branson had a go. Halifax and the Pru made millionaires of quite a few estate agents when they bought them out, thinking it would be an easy way to flog mortgages and endowments. John Lewis has seen that the end is nigh for the department store so is looking for other stuff to flog to its ABC1 customer list. It didn’t take long for then others to find that actually, the stuff we do and the regulator we serve are a tad more complicated than they thought. M&S pensions are now part of Reassure. Their funds are run by HSBC. Good luck, then, to both John and Lewis.

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“FCA lays out plan to shake up listing rules”

“FCA lays out plan to shake up listing rules”

Great! A shake up of the rules to ensure that the City of London remains one of the world’s leading stockmarkets. Encouraging entrepreneurs and giving investors more great wealth creating opportunities. Alternative view: You’ll be able to float your business and only...