“Key ISA sales season flops as investment drops 91%”

Jun 8, 2022 | Investments

Had we advisers been doing our jobs this should have been a bumper ‘ISA Season”. World stock markets are down around 12% this year. Yes, there may more ups and downs to come, but investing when things look grim is always the tougher but much better bet. ISA sales peak with markets of course, everyone assuming they’ll go up forever when they’re up, and never go up again when they’re down. To quote the world’s most successful evs investor, Warren Buffet: ‘When’s the best time to invest? When you have money to invest!’ And: ’Sheep follow the flock into the mouths of wolves’. Etc. You get my drift.

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Paper shortage delays Abrdn shareholder vote

Paper shortage delays Abrdn shareholder vote

Here’s one in the eye for those tech-sceptics, forever saying ‘Yes, but if Russian hackers/Asteroids/Pick-your-own-Conspiracy theory, take the internet down, the financial world will fold, wasn’t like that when we all had quills, etc.