“Labour drops LTA reintroduction plans”

Jun 10, 2024 | Tax

You heard it here first, the Lifetime Allowance won’t, it seems be reintroduced when/if Labour win. Their knee-jerk reaction to its abolition last year was that they’d bring it back. Whilst getting (sort-of) rid of it has been a mess, trying to bring it back would be still-messier, with all sorts of what-if legislation needed to cover those who’ve taken action thinking it would stay abolished. And of course, there were all those NHS doctors and other well-pensioned but still-needed professionals who were packing it in as soon as their pensions became big enough to pay the penalty tax. 

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“TV presenter wins 10-year IR35 battle against HMRC”

“TV presenter wins 10-year IR35 battle against HMRC”

The infamous ‘IR35’ dates from the Gordon Brown (kids etc.) era. It was intended to stop contractors effectively working for companies as if self-employed and avoiding many of the costs, NI for one, of being employed; for both the non-employee and employer.