“Later Living: The rise of retirement villages”

Jul 6, 2021 | Retirement

During the last housing boom in the late noughties, some clients moved to a ‘retirement village’ near Stroud. Within a couple of years, the nursing home (which had to be there to get planning) and on-site managers had disappeared, the developers turned out to be based somewhere in the Caribbean and the site owned by RBS, who had stumped up the money. Years of legal cans of worms ensued. So I don’t think I’m being unduly NIMBY to be rather cynical about a planning application for 173 ‘extra care residential units’ in Burford. Or is it just me?

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“Homeowners told to start later-life planning at 40”

“Homeowners told to start later-life planning at 40”

If you’re already in ‘later life accommodation’ this article might cheer you up; an influx of under-80-year-olds would surely brighten the place up, adding an occasional game of Harry Potter Trivia to the usual diet of bingo or reruns of Marigold Hotel. Sorry, in my...