“Marks & Spencer to close 100-plus stores by 2022 in ‘radical’ plan”

May 30, 2018 | High Street

Many films which are sniffed at by critics as ‘cosy’ and ‘old-fashioned’ make a fortune and stay in cinemas for months, filling otherwise empty afternoon screenings with ‘grey’ audiences: Kings Speech, Marigold Hotel and currently the Potato Peel thing (google it!).

Every time M&S has a clothing revamp, they bring in a trendy designer to try and appeal to the supposedly-affluent yoof market, those who wouldn’t be seen dead in an afternoon screening at their local World of Cine. Can’t they see that they should focus on those ‘greys’ who always complain that you can’t get decent knickers and Y-fronts at Marks any more? Go back to basics and your core audience, M&S. They still love you. Just.

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