“Next admits toughest trading period ‘for 25 years'”

Mar 24, 2018 | Economy

Plenty of reasons for a glass-half-empty view of our economy this week. Stockmarkets down by over 10%, the high streets filling with ‘closing down’ sales and Next saying things are as bad as they were 25 years ago, when Britain was filled with negative equity.

But Philip ‘Tigger’ Hammond told us last week that blue skies are just around the corner. My prediction? When/if (glass half full) Brexit happens next year, a ‘fiscal stimulus’ will be applied to ease the pain and the purse strings will magically loosen. Then potholes will be filled and white lines repainted on the highways of Britain in the hope that we’ll all skip, smiling, into the Hundred Acre Wood of our independent future. Would you like honey or condensed milk with that?

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