“NHS contact tracing app: how does it work and when can you download it?”

May 27, 2020 | In the news

Financial services companies rely and are based on technology. They spend big bucks trying to get it right, and often fail. Quilter, formerly Old Mutual and Skandia, has spent 6 years and £360m and still not been able to launch its new platform. So whoever is working on the NHS contact tracing systems, which will have been developed and ready to roll out to millions in the space of a few weeks, should be able to name their own price in the private sector. If they work. Which I’m sure they will. Won’t they?

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“Apple versus the world”

Apple has just launched its first actual new product in quite a while, a virtual reality gizmo, and that is quite big news. What they do put out there is usually a big seller and makes still more big bucks.