“Number of empty shops in UK at highest level for five years”

Oct 1, 2019 | High Street

I’ve had these bin bags full of stuff in the back of my car since an end-of-holiday clear-out a couple of months ago. They’re destined for a charity shop of some kind and I really have tried to take it to one, several times. Problem is they’re all in the middle of high streets in formerly empty shops, and I can never park near enough not to have to make two or three journeys back and forth. Which perhaps says it all. Or some of it.

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“WH Smith ‘worst’ retailer in UK, says Which? survey”

“WH Smith ‘worst’ retailer in UK, says Which? survey”

When I were a lad, Woolies, Boots, WH Smith and the Post Office were the staples of every high street. Towards its bitter end, it was hard to work out why you’d go to Woolworths, and if you found a reason, it was a depressing experience. The writing was on the wall....