“Our next prime minister is still far from obvious”

Jul 13, 2022 | In the news

The final choice, of course, will be down to the 0.3% of the population who comprise the Party membership. They, in previous years, favoured the likes of IDS and Michael Howard, so if you were of a particular persuasion, you could see a benefit in their choosing a guaranteed election-loser. It all, apparently, comes down to taxes in the end, less, more or more of the same and who has the biggest cuts. Which I’d say is likely to put Levelling Up out of the window with the former Levelling Up Minister. As far as your investments are concerned, anyone is better than no-one as it’s uncertainty that stock markets hate. And that’s just our stock market. Don’t think you’ll find any others are that bothered.

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“Apple versus the world”

Apple has just launched its first actual new product in quite a while, a virtual reality gizmo, and that is quite big news. What they do put out there is usually a big seller and makes still more big bucks.