Life insurance and protection

Planning for the bad stuff? We make sure you and your loved ones are protected

Do I have enough insurance in place?

Whatever happened to the life insurance salesman?

The one who asked you what would happen to your family or business if the breadwinner couldn’t win bread any more and persuaded you to pay a few pounds (pennies in the old days) for ‘peace of mind’.

Their disappearance means that many families do not have enough life insurance to protect their family or make sure their business could continue in the event of their death. Often, they’re not sure what they do have and old policies may not be set up properly for their current circumstances (in trust, for example, for the right people).

What happens if I’m unable to work?

Protecting you and your loved ones

The same is true for illness or accident. If you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, or have a bad accident, your lifestyle, your ability to work at the same pace or to look after your family would be affected. Critical illness cover, income or mortgage payment protection is vitally important.

Most insurance is either a complete waste of money or the best thing you ever did. You hope, of course, that it will be a complete waste of money, and that you never have to make a claim. But if you do, you want to ensure that the claim will be paid and, if you’re not around, that the money goes into the right hands at the right time.

What type of insurance do I need?

Peace of mind guaranteed

As part of our review process, we will always ask you about your life and health insurance, review what you have in place, and make recommendations to change or increase it if appropriate.

It’s an important part of what we do. And, if it’s done properly, really can give you the promised ‘peace of mind’.