Independent mortgage advice

Making your options clear, making the process easy

Mortgage consultants you can trust

Buying a house and taking out a mortgage are likely to be your biggest ever financial commitments

Yet most of us spend more time choosing the right pair of shoes or which film to watch on Netflix. Don’t let it be the same with your mortgage, as the wrong choice of loan and lender may haunt you for many years to come. We can give you the independent advice you need, whatever type of mortgage you’re looking for. And it will be advice you can rely on, as our mortgage consultant, Anne Hester, is one of the most experienced in the business.

Mortgages made easier

How we can help

We can help first-time buyers, home movers, would-be landlords, remortgagers and those looking to raise funds from their property. We’ll look at the whole of the market to find the right loan for you. We’ll deal with the lenders, sort out the paperwork nightmares and be with you to help until the money actually changes hands.

What will it all cost? An initial consultation is free of charge. If we think we can help and you ask us to research and source a mortgage for you, you’ll pay a one-off fee of £300. If all goes ahead, you’ll pay nothing more, but we’ll be paid commission by the recommended lender. We will, of course, tell you exactly how much that will be.