“Paul McCartney’s Glastonbury show hailed as ‘phenomenal’”

Jun 28, 2022 | In the news

The show itself was fantastic. In retrospect, and at a more existential (Pretentious? Moi?) level, it’s a lesson in the power of preparation. Or, as they used to tell us on pretty much every ’80s management training course, ’The 5 Ps’, ‘Poor Preparation leads to P- – – – Poor Performance’. Those three hours must have taken months of planning and rehearsal. You can’t go on and blag it in front of a dozen people, let alone 100,000. And you could tell which were the unpracticed bits, those with Special Guests Bruce and Dave. Whatever your age, the prep is the hard part, even if you wrote all the songs. No adrenalin to carry you through, just 9-5 practice/change/upgrade/practice again. So respect and much to emulate, I’d say.

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