“Portugal axes ‘golden visa’ scheme days after Ireland’s abrupt exit”

Feb 21, 2023 | Brexit

Stable doors and all that. Finally, European countries which had banana republic-style systems which allowed residency to effectively be bought by anyone with enough big bucks, have realised that those rules could be open to corruption. Rather like our MPs recent, rather belated realisation that cryptocurrencies might possibly be used for dodgy dealings (colloquially known as money laundering). There will, of course, always be other not-too-many-questions-asked havens for the super-rich in warm destinations around the world, certainly many with lower annual rainfall than Dublin. Dubai, for instance, saw a 77% increase in Russian tourists last year, perhaps visiting family members amongst the 40,000 already resident there, or perhaps just a result of great marketing. Who knows. 

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“No-deal Brexit could be worse than Covid”

“No-deal Brexit could be worse than Covid”

Here are some sobering comments from the Gov of the BofE. Rishi & Co have been focusing our attention on the ‘devastating effect’ of the C-word on the economy.  The B-word has conveniently become a background issue, but is destined to move to the foreground and...