“Revealed: The UK’s New Property Hotspot”

Apr 19, 2022 | Housing market

It’s when places you’ve never heard of and often wouldn’t stop in, even for snacks, become the ‘new property hotspots’ that you should be worried about The Bubble. It’s a sign that either a) price rises have peaked in the usual-suspect hotspots and/or b) those looking to make a few bob are having to cast the net rather more widely. I remember in the last couple of booms, London commuters started buying in Yorkshire and deepest Norfolk, for full-time living, not weekend pads. So either a) make hay or b) sit tight. Delete as applicable.

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What’s going to happen to house prices?

What’s going to happen to house prices?

OK, hands up, I’ve consistently said house prices can’t go up, certainly at this rate, forever. And I’ve been consistently wrong. So far. I’ve spoken to two clients this week, one buying, one selling, who’ve had to pay or been paid over the asking price.