“Review of pension freedoms ‘inevitable’ under Labour govt”

May 27, 2024 | Pensions

Pronouncements on the detail of pensions are never likely to be election winners or swayers. When the manifestos finally arrive, my guess they’ll say no more than that certain aspects will be ‘reviewed’ with ‘consultation’. Labour did oppose pension freedoms when they were sprung upon them in G Osborne’s 2015 budget but have since ‘read the room’ and seen how popular they are. Similarly, I can’t see further tinkering with the lifetime allowance being a priority. But one things for sure, they will not be able to resist a fairly major tinkering with a fair number of pension regulations; because no government or chancellor ever has. And they whatever they do will make life still more complicated; because it always does.

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“Why you should never retire”

“Why you should never retire”

On my 50th birthday, I will always remember, amongst the card or two I received was a letter from Saga’ who’d managed to find out my age through the wonder of the internet, and were pleased to tell me I now qualified to join my parents and go on holiday with them.