“Saudi Fund Is Said to Be in Talks to Invest in Tesla Buyout Deal”

Aug 13, 2018 | In the news

So why has the world’s biggest oil producing nation offered to help the world’s most successful electric car maker take back control of his company? Have they seen the light? Do they recognise a great entrepreneur when they see one? Or should we look at the Barclays/Qatar model and suspect there might be no such a thing as a free, middle-eastern lunch?

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“Public sector borrowing hits highest level since 1960s”

“Public sector borrowing hits highest level since 1960s”

So what does this say for the 10 years of Pre-Pan, Pre-Boris austerity? Has it done any more than cut public services to the bone, with overstretched, privatised probation services losing track of murderers and 6 hour ambulance waits (87 year old client in December, before the strike, broken arm, not unusual)