“Should financial advisers lower their fees?”

Jun 16, 2022 | Financial Services

Many an experiment in financial services and elsewhere has proven that cost is not actually the issue. Low-charging stakeholder pensions did nothing to increase savings to retirement. They had, in fact, the opposite effect, as companies and advisers had little incentive to market and sell them. Most of the cheapo-online-DIY investment platforms are losing money and both the banks and big insurance companies no longer advise as the profits aren’t there anymore. It’s having and realising they have a need which will make the unadvised seek advice. And when they do, they’re happy, in my experience, to pay for a good service.

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“Top 10 FCA Fines 2022”

“Top 10 FCA Fines 2022”

Here’s a Top 10 of which no one wants to be a part. Fines handed out by the FCA totalled almost £216m, all of which goes to the Treasury’s ‘Consolidated Fund’.