“Sixteen convicted over £42m cash smuggling from UK to Dubai”

Jun 1, 2023 | In the news

I can recommend the excellent BBC series “The Gold”, which tells the story of the Brinks Mat gold bullion robbery in the 1980s. It’s not the robbery which is the story, rather the laundering of the proceeds, most of which have never been recovered. Most extraordinary was the ease with which £ms were paid into, and withdrawn as cash from a small branch of Barclays in a suburb of Bristol. ‘I reported it to head office’, said the manager in the follow-up documentary, ‘but they told me the commission was too good and to turn a blind eye”. Things have changed over here now, and you’d probably need to at least produce some ID to get away with it. But there’s always someone, somewhere, willing to look in another direction in the right circumstances. And even in our big internet world, cash, it seems, can still be sultan.

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“Apple versus the world”

Apple has just launched its first actual new product in quite a while, a virtual reality gizmo, and that is quite big news. What they do put out there is usually a big seller and makes still more big bucks.