“SJP CEO’s salary leaps to £3.3m in 2021”

Apr 20, 2022 | Companies

I don’t want to sound like a ‘mealy-mouthed lefty’ as I have, on occasion, been called in those and so-many words; but this is rather obscene, isn’t it? OK, he may lose half in tax if it’s all PAYE; and I’m sure SJP have the usual corporate charitable foundation and they’ll have saved a fortune by cancelling those overseas beanos for their advisers.  But this and other pay awards should put executive vs workers pay firmly back on the agenda. There really are many struggling to put food on the table, carers are paid the minimum wage or less and we’re sending refugees to Rwanda. Non-sequiturs, maybe, but all part of the same problem and equation. I’d say.

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“Nutmeg losses climb 28% after JPMorgan takeover”

“Nutmeg losses climb 28% after JPMorgan takeover”

If you’re offering cheap, online investment advice, you need volume to make it profitable. To get volume (ie lots of money), you need marketing (to get lots of people to log in and give you money). And that costs, particularly, as will inevitably be the case, most of...