“The latest sign showing house price falls are coming soon”

Jul 18, 2022 | Housing market

Many would say that house prices have had their inflation bubble and more, and that the rest of the economy, and salaries, are on a much-delayed catch-up. If pay doesn’t stack up to cover mortgage payments, there’s no way prices can go up and up for ever. There has to be a bottom end, habitable houses which first-time buyers can actually afford, to support the top-end. And by ‘top-end’, I’m not talking zillionaire’s row, they’ll always, unless we tax them more, be able to keep buying. No, it’s the 5 bed detached, whose buyer moves from the 2 or 3 bed semi which they bought having sold their first flat. Real life, in other words, which never really goes away and outlives all the agents’ hype. In the end.

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“First-time buyers’ borrowing power hit by affordability stress”

“First-time buyers’ borrowing power hit by affordability stress”

Lenders have to assess whether or not you can afford a mortgage, and in recent years this has meant ‘stress-testing’. That’s not just how you react to the spectre of 3 or 4 prime ministers in the space of less than a year or a commute on the M25; it’s whether you’d be able to make your monthly repayments if interest rates went up still further.