“The tech winners and losers of the pandemic”

Sep 8, 2022 | Digital

Although ethical/sustainable funds eschew fossil fuels, arms and fags, they are more often than not ‘tech heavy’, investing in the Industries of the Future. Most dropped Meta/Facebook when the degree to which they may or may not have been stalking us all became apparent. But the Zooms, Netflixes and  ‘old’ favourites like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft boomed in lockdown as we moved 24/7 in front of our computers. What goes up etc., and it’s been oil and guns which have prospered so far this year. Yet the future is bright (really) and the future is tech. It’s just that things move very quickly. Zoom’s not Zooming, we’re all cancelling our Netflix and Prime subscriptions and going back to the shops. There are plenty of new opportunities to spot, however; including Amazon. Two thirds and rising of their income and profits come from internet servers, of which they control the majority in the world. Now there’s a conspiracy theory for you…

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