“Think tank calls for limit on pension freedoms to fix workforce issues”

Feb 22, 2023 | Pensions

Is it really the fact that they can access their pensions at 55 which is leading so many to stop work sooner rather than later? Not from our experience on this side of the advice fence. In fact, those that do go early are unlikely to dip into their pensions and generally have either other savings, resources or motivations. Such as the chance to do their own thing, to become a kept person (with a happier-in-their-job partner as breadwinner) or an inheritance which tips the balance. Most do still think of their pensions as old-fashioned, not-so-free pensions which they still keep for their old-fashioned retirement age. At which time those pension freedoms really do become a good thing. So however much thinking you do in that tank, there’s no easy fix for those ‘workplace issues’.

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“NatWest buys 85% stake in pensions fintech Cushon”

“NatWest buys 85% stake in pensions fintech Cushon”

OK, this might not sound like a big deal, but it is, I think, the thin end of yet another wedge. Not so many years ago, when the banking dinosaurs ruled the earth, they bought life insurance companies, fund managers and even estate agents…