“UK economy to shrink by 0.3% – the worst of any G7 country, as IMF warns of more turmoil”

Apr 18, 2023 | Economy

An ‘alternative’ (GB News) headline spoke of doom-mongering, Johnny-foreigners talking down our great economy. Yet on the same day The Economist told us that the US economy is going ‘from strength to strength’, and lies, damned lies and statistics aside, there’s no doubt we’re doing worse than most. Now I’m as much of an economist as most Brits are meteorologists, but that’s never stopped us talking about the weather; so here’s the thing. America is a low tax, privatised economy, but has had a huge government spend in the recent years. Most of Europe is high tax and, un-privatised with lots of stuff still state-owned. We’re high tax and mostly privatised with austerity-lingering amounts of public spending. Do the math. Which I think is what Rishi wants us all to be able to do, isn’t it? (And, PS, notice I haven’t even mentioned the ‘B’ word).

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“How the world economy could avoid recession”

“How the world economy could avoid recession”

Fund managers can often sound like politicians; or economists; or even weather forecasters. ‘The chances of a global recession have diminished but we cannot altogether rule it out, which could benefit share prices in cyclical stocks. Do be prepared for the odd shower