“UK retailers report more inflation pressure as economy reopens”

Jun 2, 2021 | High Street

Here’s confirmation of this headline, from just one supplier to a retailer close to me: ‘Since our last increase in May 2018 we have been subject to a 10% increase in the cost of timber and hair (I know), a 25% increase in the cost of springs, foam and hessian and a 40% increase in the cost of stains and solvents, mostly in the last six months. We cannot therefore sustain our current prices, which will be increasing by 10% from 20th May’. They’ve obviously decided to absorb some of the extra costs. Inflation will only return if retailers don’t do the same.

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“WH Smith ‘worst’ retailer in UK, says Which? survey”

“WH Smith ‘worst’ retailer in UK, says Which? survey”

When I were a lad, Woolies, Boots, WH Smith and the Post Office were the staples of every high street. Towards its bitter end, it was hard to work out why you’d go to Woolworths, and if you found a reason, it was a depressing experience. The writing was on the wall....