“Unmarried couples over 70 at risk of large IHT bills as cohabiting rises”

May 17, 2022 | Tax

A younger generation not so bothered about being married, even with children, are now older; and many second-time-arounders’ past experiences make them avoid knot-tying. This decomplicates some parts of the arrangement but can leave a heck of a mess behind when one dies. Making a will is a good start, as many don’t.  But if they’re leaving even half of the house to the other half, this could be liable to IHT, unless they get married as there is none payable between spouses. So while money and tax-efficiency have rarely, since the days of Bridgerton (or Jane Austen if you don’t have Netflix) , been reason enough to get married, they really should be if there’s no reason not to.

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“How grandparents are facing more restrictions than oligarchs”

“How grandparents are facing more restrictions than oligarchs”

I did say some years ago that it’s easier in this country to buy a football club than to pay £1,000 into an ISA. You need a bob or two more (depending on the team you’re after) but the point is that money talks and can oil and grease all sorts of wheels.