‘Well, you would read that, wouldn’t you, now you’ve gone all leftie in your old age’, I can hear in the thoughts of a number of regular critics. I am a regular sucker for most things political, but it was reader reviews (for instance ‘great book, recommended to my children at university who want to change the world and don’t feel part of it’) which spurred me to have a go. For those looking blank, Campbell was Tony Blair’s spin doctor in the 90’s Labour years, when (in my opinion) a lot of good was done, but then Iraq. And it’s a book of one and two thirds. Third one is a frightening and sadly accurate dissection of the politics and dangers of Brexit, Trump, Bolsonaro and other post-2016 populist movements; and a warning of the danger that we might sleep-walk back into the 1930s. Unless the many sleep-walkers awaken and do something about it, and the remaining two-thirds is a part autobiog, part self-help discussion of how to do so. The basic and very valid message is: get involved. Or at least bother to vote. Here’s hoping. And, PS, interesting title. Try saying it with the emphasis on a different word each time.