“What Recession? Some Economists See Chances of a Growth Rebound.”

Mar 4, 2023 | Economy

Every fund manager update I’ve read in the past couple of weeks has asked, or tried to predict, whether or not we’re heading for a recession, and what that’s likely to mean for your investments. Apparently, yield curves and other technical stuff which historically and with the great gift of hindsight have been precursors of a ‘downturn’ show that it’s coming. Apart from the fact that, both here and elsewhere, especially in the US, there are labour shortages, which make mass layoffs unlikely. In other words, nobody has much of a clue. As and when and if it does happen it’s quite likely to be good news for your investments, as those who make the big buying and selling decisions are always looking forward to what might happen next. And recessions, one way or another, are eventually followed by recoveries, as sure as peace follows war. Hopefully. Glass-half-full.

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“The biggest shock investors could face in 2023”

“The biggest shock investors could face in 2023”

What’s the biggest shock investors could face this year? Well, not a shock to hear that it’s inflation, the fund-manager-as-horoscope-writer equivalent of ‘there’s a full moon in Pisces, so you may meet an old friend this year. Or make a new one.’ Prices will go up. But maybe not as much as we think, or maybe by more than we think.