“Digital legacy ‘overlooked’ in financial planning by clients”

Nov 6, 2023 | Digital, Financial Services

This was a new concept for me, too. Your ‘digital legacy’ is your online life and, like it or not, we all have one and those who don’t are becoming rare beasts indeed. If you’re into this stuff, it could be your Insta/FB/Linkedin/X formerly known as/TikTok profiles, or various bank and other accounts or, if you’re really up there, your Wiki page. If none of that makes any sense, you may not have a problem. But the fact that there are companies specialising in what happens, or what you would like to happen to all of this stuff when you die, means that many have. I guess that, at the very least, leave a list of your passwords with your will so that someone can trawl through. If you actually want a ‘digital legacy’ well…you may be asking the wrong person here.

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