“How much do junior doctors really get paid in England?”

Aug 12, 2023 | NHS

According to even government figures, a ‘junior doctor’ earns £20-30 per hour. If you delve deeper, ‘junior’ in doctor-speak covers anything up to registrars, the layer just below consultants. With overtime, shift allowances, etc., they can get their earnings up to £60-70k per annum. Now I know these sorts of comparisons aren’t great/are misleading blah blah. But if you google ‘trainee financial adviser jobs’, the starting salary is quoted as £35-50k per annum. If you look in London, the ‘average salary for a qualified financial adviser in London is £95,250’. Now, I do think we offer a valuable service that people need and for which there is a demand. However, although we sometimes save (rather than cost) clients money, we don’t often save their lives. And, yes, there’s a lot of experience to be gained, but the training isn’t quite so demanding or traumatic. I’d pay the tax to pay those doctors more tomorrow.

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“Minister hints at scrapping consultation on social care”

Well, here’s an interesting idea. Because they want to sort out the problem of long-term care, the government is thinking of scrapping the consultation started to try to find ways of sorting out the problem of long-term care. They’re right. We’ve had consultations,...