“Is Brexit the real reason for London’s stock market malaise?”

Jun 28, 2023 | Stockmarket

Pension funds and other institutional investors, as they’re called have no patriotic duty to invest in the UK, our stockmarkets or government. Their ‘duty’ is to get the best returns within risk parameters etc. for those they serve. And in most cases, as it does with a majority of the funds we recommend, that means a global spread, and sadly and predictably, we’re becoming a smaller and smaller part of that global spread. Despite the fact that we still have  many global giants listed here; although that in itself can be a problem as the top 10 companies make up a huge proportion of its value and some are already talking about moving to the New York market. Then of course there’s the elephant, or perhaps giant sperm whale in the room. Brexit. On which those on the front line fairly and squarely put the blame, even if those in or hoping to be in power won’t do anything about or even acknowledge the problem. Hey ho.

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Will the new Roaring ’20s end in a Crash?

Will the new Roaring ’20s end in a Crash?

The Great Gatsby was one of my favourite books, and I even had a soft spot for the Robert Redford movie (really don’t bother with the new one). All the fun and glamour was doomed to end, and we know how badly it ended, Gatsby in the swimming pool (spoiler),...