“Paramedic says patients are ‘begging for help’ as the NHS ‘collapses’ under pressure”

Dec 28, 2022 | NHS

I remember N Farage in Brexit campaigns gone by evoking the image of hundreds of poor Europeans queuing to use our A&Es and GP surgeries. Was is it only six years ago that ‘our NHS’ was apparently the envy of, well, some at least. Now a sign of the times, as if we need one, is that two client couples have told me in the last month of their plans to move to France, to have access in later years to ‘a decent healthcare system’. And others are looking to preserve funds, not for long-term care, but in case they need to see a consultant and have tests for which they might otherwise wait months.. When once many of those who’d retired to the Costas would struggle and sell to get back home, there’s now more chance of an ambulance and hospital bed pretty much anywhere on the other side of the channel. It’s a tale of long decline, ‘efficiency savings’, over-management and electoral smoke and mirrors. But others are managing something approaching a system that works; so it’s surely not impossible.

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“Minister hints at scrapping consultation on social care”

Well, here’s an interesting idea. Because they want to sort out the problem of long-term care, the government is thinking of scrapping the consultation started to try to find ways of sorting out the problem of long-term care. They’re right. We’ve had consultations,...