“UK drivers shocked as car insurance costs soar by up to 90%”

Aug 22, 2023 | Insurance

Here’s a bit of inflation you may have missed if your car insurance renewal date hasn’t come around yet. On average, premiums are up by over 20%, a lot more if you’re fortunate enough to still be classed as a young driver. This is based on actual paid, not quoted prices, the amount you manage, if you have the patience, to end up paying after you’ve spent an hour on the phone, threatened to leave, been put through to a different department and someone’s talked to their manager. Why? Plenty of reasons, apparently. Repair costs have soared as garages’ overheads are up, energy and labour costs etc… Thefts also up as second-hand cars are worth a lot more; and as none of the insurers predicted this, most made a post-pandemic loss and are playing compare-the-meercat catch-up. But with not much in the way of public transport alternatives, we’re all over the proverbial barrel, I’m afraid.

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