“Advisers urged to reconsider psychology in financial planning”

Dec 2, 2023 | Financial Services

The gist of this is that we advisers need to get to know your clients well enough to understand what might make you panic and want to cash in your investments when they’re going down. ‘Financial security lies not just in the numbers but in the mindset and behaviours that drive your financial decisions’. I don’t want to dismiss this as yet another statement of the bleedin’ obvious, but I do think that anyone who’s any good at what we do spends time getting to know their clients and finds out at least something of what makes them tick. Without over-trumpeting, our reviews (over 1000, don’t you know) pretty much universally say that’s what you like about us. But I guess we’ve all faced doctors and consultants with the bedside manners of Atila the Hun; so perhaps there is similar in our business. I just haven’t, to quote Mr Bublé, met them yet.

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