“Boris celebrates as Vauxhall follows Nissan with major investment”

Jul 9, 2021 | Brexit

Brexit rant alert. One of the supposed benefits was that governments would be free to help and subsidise their industries, without the restrictions of EU competition rules. That’s why Corbyn, as a nationaliser, was such a lukewarm remainer. Now we’re out, we can offer Delorean (kids etc)-style bribes to stop carmakers, who were shipping out because of Brexit, from shipping out because of Brexit. Bonkers! Or have I missed something?

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“No-deal Brexit could be worse than Covid”

“No-deal Brexit could be worse than Covid”

Here are some sobering comments from the Gov of the BofE. Rishi & Co have been focusing our attention on the ‘devastating effect’ of the C-word on the economy.  The B-word has conveniently become a background issue, but is destined to move to the foreground and...