“FTSE hits four-year high on UK growth surprise and fall in US inflation”

Jan 14, 2023 | Economy, Inflation

As if on cue, some actual investment good news. Our Stockmarket has sort-of soared (already leading one client to  tell me he’s worried it’s too high, no pleasing some people). Apparently, it was football fever that saved the UK from recession. We all went to the pub and bought other stuff, including tech to watch it all on; or went out to avoid the wall-to-wall coverage. China is opening up for business, although they all have Covid, and things are looking further up (themselves, some might say) across the proverbial Atlantic Pond. Fund manager comments: ‘ It might be too early to feel confident, but perhaps pessimism can end. The fear that the world was close some sort of economic precipice seems to have dwindled significantly’. That feels suspiciously like someone else’s glass half-filling. So all good; as long as  you don’t need an ambulance.

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“The biggest shock investors could face in 2023”

“The biggest shock investors could face in 2023”

What’s the biggest shock investors could face this year? Well, not a shock to hear that it’s inflation, the fund-manager-as-horoscope-writer equivalent of ‘there’s a full moon in Pisces, so you may meet an old friend this year. Or make a new one.’ Prices will go up. But maybe not as much as we think, or maybe by more than we think.