“Jeremy Hunt waves through biggest tax burden since war in spring budget 2023”

Mar 16, 2023 | Budget

It may have seemed a Bland Budget, but that’s because Hunt got all the nasties out of the way in the Autumn Statement, in the hope, I guess, that we’ll have forgotten all about them by the time they hit us. Allowances frozen in the face of soaring inflation, NI and Corporation Tax up significantly. And perhaps the stealthiest of all and one that will unduly affect many of our clients, the slashing of Capital Gains Tax and dividend tax allowances. The latter means that those with shares or investments not in an ISA or pension worth not that much, £30,000 or so, are likely to have to pay tax and most annoyingly, complete a tax return. And many, I’d say a majority, will not have a clue that they should. A lot of stress for many, possibly elderly and not-that-rich people; and something I’m sure HMRC, too, could do without.

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“What does the 2018 budget mean for you?”

“What does the 2018 budget mean for you?”

So was it a good Budget? If you’re viewing it from the Daily Express’s shiny end of the glass half-full, he unveiled ‘a Budget to SUPERCHARGE the economy and UNITE Britain’. But through The Guardian’s glass darkly, ‘The reality is this is a ‘phoney’ Budget. Until the...