“King’s Speech: Inflation control key as pensions and IHT take back seat”

Nov 8, 2023 | Economy, Inflation

The Big Issues for the financial world which might have featured in The Speech weren’t there. Have rumours of the disappearance or death or Inheritance Tax been premature? Is anything else big likely to happen to pensions? The former is seen as a potential vote-winner, so my guess is, were abolition to be coming, it would have been in there with the headline-grabbers. As previously discussed, however, it would come with the same sort of trade-off as the Braverman’s longer prison sentences for some (many shorter, or none at all for  others), with a gift tax replacing it. And as for pensions, a guaranteed eye-glazer, rather than vote-winner. Of course, it may all be saved for J Hunt’s Autumn Statement in a week or two. That will certainly, I’d say, be the case for the inevitable further pension-tinkering. 

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“Donald Trump is winning. Business, beware”

“Donald Trump is winning. Business, beware”

There’s a perception that whatever might be the consequences for the rest of the world, Trump as President should be good for business. Surely, as a business man himself, he’d be the friend of Corporate America, and everything, money-making-wise, went pretty well last time around didn’t it?